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A Bit of History

When the Italian laws for registering births were established in 1806, custom dictated that the father present the baby, to announce its birth, to the Ufficiale dello Stato Civile del Comune di Casalduni, Distretto di Pontelandolfo, Regione di Molise.  Later, Campobasso became the Province.  After 1861 with the unification of Italy Casalduni and most of the nearby villages  including Pontelandolfo were under the jurisdiction of the Province of Benevento.

Nicola d'Blasio's Birth

On 21 September 1825, Filippo, the son of Lorenzo and Teresa Corbo, went to the Ufficiale Stato Civile to announce the birth of his son, Nicola, to Giuseppe Pasquale Corbi, the Mayor of Casalduni, in the District of Pontelandolfo and the Province of Campobasso and the Region of Molise.   Filippo is 31 years old and his occupation is listed as bracciale (day laborer).   He and Antonia, 29 years old, lived  on Santo Nicola Street.    Witnesses Filippe, Salvatore Corbo and Nicola Molinara mark their "X".  Nicola is baptized at Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo Church on 21 September 1825.

Children of Lorenzo De Blasio and Teresa Corbo
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Filippo 1795 Antonia Vaccarella 03-28-1812 Six 01-28-1881


Nicola Iacovella 02-17-1846


Antonia Daughter of Crescenzo Vaccarella of San Lupo and Scolastica Rinaldi of Pontelandolfo
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death


1792 Filippo De Blasio 03-28-1812  Pontelandolfo Six 02-20-1867


Children of Filippo De Blasio and Antonia Vaccarella
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Nicola 09-21-1825 Susanna Frangiosa 12-23-1858  


Carmina 02-22-1813 Nicola Piccarillo 04-13-1834 Two  
Maria Teresa 07-31-1816 Giuseppe Cicchiello 02-06-1840    
Maria Pelligrina 02-06-1819 Pasquale Iacovella 02-15-1842    


Giacomo 08-02-1828        
Maria Saveria 03-26-1831 Nicola Frangiosa



On 23 December 1858 at the age of 33, Nicola married Susanna Frangiosa age 22 born on 19 March 1836; the daughter of Salvatore Frangiosa and Maria Giuseppe d'Angelis, contadina (farmer), living on Aviella Street.  Nicola, living on Santa Nicola Street, occupation contadino went before  Mayor Giovanni Bartola, to announce his intention of marriage.

Children of Nicola De Blasio and Susanna Frangiosa
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death


Caterina Nave 11-26-1895 Five 06-24-1964


Maria DeBlasio 07-23-1888   03-01-1935
Maria Lucia 1874 Nicola Palladino 1897    
Maria Filomena          
Filippo 1860        
Saverio 1873        
Giuseppe Nicola 1876        
Giuseppe Nicola 1877        

Note: Family names are Vaccarella, Rinaldi, Frangiosa, Romano, Vetrone, Pucino, DeAngelis, a second DeAngelis,  Borzilla, and a second Frangiosa

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