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Caterina Nave's Maternal Family    

San Salvatore Roman Catholic Church in Pontelandolfo, Benevento, Campania, Italy is where the Iavecchia family conducted all their religious functions.   Antonio Nave of Casalduni, and Maria Teresa Iavecchia probably met at one of the yearly fairs in Pontelandolfo  and were married on December 1, 1864.    In Casalduni, where they settled, they gave birth to three children, Angelo, Angela and Caterina, who were left motherless at an early age and the irony is that Caterina's  own children were motherless at a very early age.   Maria Teresa's brother Nicola moved to Marone with his wife Maria Concetta D'Addona and there were two other brothers and a sister.                      

Iavecchia Family

Child of Antonio Iavecchia and Maria Longo
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death

Mariagnese Gugliotti



Children of Salvatore Gugliotti and Maria Felice Lorenza Rubbo
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Mariagnese abt. 1775 Antonio Iavecchia     09-02-1812
Caterina abt. 1777        
Angela Rosa abt. 1779        
Domenico Antonio abt. 1781        
Maria Luigia abt. 1784        
Giuseppe abt. 1787        
Maria Maddalena abt.  1793        


Children of Antonio Iavecchia and Mariagnese Gugliotti
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Giovanni Francesco 02-02-1803 Francesca Concetta Orsini 11-30-1822 Five 09-22-1837
Margherita 1794       aft. 1808
Maria Vittoria 1799       aft. 1808
Giuseppe 1809       aft. 1867


Orsini Family of Pontelandolfo

 Maria Teresa Iavecchia's maternal family

 Donato Orsini and Angela Santopietro married 02/23/1781
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Francesco Saverio 1781 Anna Romanelli     06-13-1811




 Giuseppe Romanelli  & Vittoria Rinaldi married 10/16/1776
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Anna 03-22-1783 Francesco Saverio Orsini      
Maria 1780        
Felicita 1780        
Francesco Saverio 1792        


 Daughter of Francesco Saverio Orsini & Anna Romanelli
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Francesca Concetta 03-30-1805 Giovanni Francesco Iavecchia 11-30-1822 Five aft. 1876


Children of Giovanni Francesco Iavecchia & Francesca Concetta Orsini
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Maria Teresa 05-12-1835 Antonio Nave 12-1-1864 Three 07-09-1883
Nicola 09-24-1822 Maria Concetta D'Addona 01-26-1848    
Francesco Antonio 10-05-1826        
Mariagnese 05-29-1829        
Giovanni Battista 01-13-1838        


Children of Maria Teresa Iavecchia and Antonio Nave
Child Birthdate Spouse Marriage Children Death
Caterina 11-15-1876 Salvatore DeBlasio 11-26-1895 Five 10-15-1918
Angelo 12-25-1871       11-24-1873
Angela 03-04-1874       09-14-1881

Note: Caterina Nave's Pontelandolfo ancestral family names are:  Iavecchia, Longo, Gugliotti, Rubbo, Orsini, Santopietro, Romanelli, and Rinaldi


Thank You!

Most of the information for Caternia Nave's maternal family was generously shared by Alicia Bodily who, fortunately for me, found this website while surfing.

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