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926 Christian Street ~ 1895

926 Christian Street ~ 1895

Larger View

926 Christian Street ~ 1909

926 Christian Stree ~ 1994

Christian to Reed Sts. bet. 3rd & 7th Streets ~ 1910

Christian to Reed Sts. bet. 7th & 10th Streets ~ 1910

Christian to Reed Sts. bet. 10th & 13h Streets ~ 1910

Christian to Reed Sts. bet. 17th & Broad Streets ~ 1910

Reed Street & ? betw. 11th & 9th Streets ~ 1910

Reed to ? Sts. bet. Broad & 12th Streets ~ 1910

Moore to Wolf Sts. bet. 17th & 20th Streets

Moore to Wolf Sts. bet 17th & Broad Streets

Washington Ave. Coal Vender ~ 1914

9th Street Vendor Carts ~ 1925

NE Corner of 9th & Washington Avenue

Like the Liberty Bell, Billy Penn, Independence Hall and the late Frank Rizzo, Ralph's is a Philadelphia institution.  It was born with the century when Italian-born Francesco Dispigno opened his restaurant on Montrose Street and named it for his son.  Fifteen years later, Dispigno moved Ralph's to 760 S. Ninth Street.
Can you imagine a restaurant that is as old as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother?  Ralph's has been in business for 99 years:  It withstood two world wars, the Great Depression, recessions, the Philadelphia Restaurant Renaissance of the 70's, the restaurant explosion of the 90's-- and is still here and owned by the same family, now for four generations.  From The South Philadelphia Paper



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