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Ships on which our folks came... 

SS Alesia of the Fabre Line

Stefano DiCarlo arrived in New York on May 7,1890.

He followed his sister to Philadelphia but soon after moved to the Napa, California area.

SS Werra of the North German Lloyd Line

Francesco Maria Saponaro with wife Maria Rosa Mancuso and brother-in-law Peter Mancuso arrived in New York on October 21, 1897 and settled in Philadelphia where Maria's other brothers were living.

SS Werra of the North German Lloyd Line

Maria Antonia DiCarlo, 19 yrs old arrived in New York on December 30, 1897. Lucia Diana, 15 yrs old is her companion during the voyage. Her destination was Philadelphia to be with her siblings.

SS Vitoria of the Anchor Line

Salvatore Mattera with his wife Rosa Mennella arrived in New York on March 17, 1899 with their final destination being 926 Christian Street, the home of his uncle Luigi Mattera.

SS Werra of the North German Lloyd Line

Domenico Saponaro- August 2, 1900 final destination was New York City to meet Vitale Sinese. A few years later, he moved his family to Boston.

SS Trojan Prince of the Prince Line

Salvatore DiBlasio traveling with his brother, Lorenzo DiBlasio, arrived in New York on February 23, 1901. They were to meet a cousin, DiBlasio in Norristown, PA.

SS Prinzess Irene of the North German Lloyd Line

Giuseppe Mela arrived in New York in 1903. His final destination was to meet his brother-in-law Rivera in Philadelphia.

SS Madonna of the Fabre Line

Santa Abbriano, 25 yrs old, with her three daughters: Maria, Carmela and Giuseppa Mela, arrived in New York on August 15, 1905. Their final destination is Philadelphia to be reunited with husband/father Giuseppe.

SS Calabria of the Anchor Line

Caterina Nave and daughter Carmela, 3 yrs old, arrived in New York, October 23, 1905; final destination, Norristown, PA, to be reunited with husband/father, Salvatore.

SS Cretic

On December 4, 1906, John Mattera arrived in New York and his final destination is Philadelphia. A couple of years earlier he and his parents left Philadelphia for Ischia and he was now rejoining his brothers.

     On December 1, 1903, arriving in New York from Naples on the Auriana, Marianna Calise traveling alone, visited her  family at 926 Christian Street, Philadelphia, PA, 
Ship Line Built Knots Tonnage Scrapped Passengers
S.S. Alesia     Fabre 1882



2,845 1899   1.430 1,000
S.S. Calabria     Anchor 1901 Scotland 13 4,376 1923   1.170 1,150
S. S. Cretic        White Star 1902     13,507 1923      
S. S. Madonna     Fabre 1905 England 15 5,633 1934 Italy 1,364 1,310
Prinzess Irene

      North German Lloyd

1900     10,891 1932      
Trojan Prince      Prince Line 1897 British 10 3,273 1917 Sunk    
S. S. Vitoria     Anchor 1872 Scotland 12 3,358 1905 Italy 1,430 1,200
S. S. Werra

  North German Lloyd

1882 Scotland 17 5,109 1903 Italy 1,255 1,000
Above information copied from Ellis Island Records            
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