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Giuseppe Mattera and Angelina Di Tommaso

As the story is told by Mildred Mattera Matarese, Giuseppe, a soft-spoken man, and Angelina were satisfactorily living in Philadelphia when Angelina’s opinionated sister influenced them to move to the country for the betterment of their children.  After finding a plot of ground in Cedarbrook, NJ and building a comfortable home, but before Angelina gives birth to the fourth child, her sister suddenly decides to return to Philadelphia to live. Although disappointed in being left behind without a family member for support, Angelina gave birth to her fourth and last child and went on to enjoy her new life.

They were warm hospitable hosts, providing many family members (anxious to leave the humdrum of Philadelphia) a days outing.  One of these visitors was Uncle John, who while watching Uncle Joe make chocolate candy to sell to the locals, convinced him to use his pastry chef talents and arranged a position for him with the Bellevue Strafford Hotel, one of the fine hotels in Philadelphia.

Mildred, commuted by train each day to Philadelphia to work as a secretary in a Federal government office until she married Anthony Mattarese, whose family also immigrated from Ischia, and were the owners of the town grocery store. Natalie married Donato (Dan) Di Silvio, a prosperous farmer, who on my last visit to his farm directed me to the best store to buy well-fed pork advising me that there was a difference in the quality. Louis, the only son, proved to have city inclinations and settled in Philadelphia where his descendants are living.

As a young child, I remember visiting Uncle Joe and Aunt Angelina and knew them slightly; however, I realize that I missed knowing quality people who reared quality people.  Although eighty years old, Mildred’s superior memory has provided information, previously unknown to me, about my grandparents.

 Although I was aware of the untimely death of my grandmother's oldest son, who was loved by everyone of his eight siblings, (a feat not too many others in the family could claim); Mildred strongly indicated the depth and lasting pain this caused my grandmother.

My conjectures as to why my family remained with my Grandparents, who still had an unmarried son and daughters at home, was clarified a bit when Mildred enlightened me that my grandmother was much concerned about my deaf parents raising children and encouraged them to live with her. 

I enjoyed listening to Mildred relate an encounter with my grandfather, who she met during a trip to center city.  Although  he was on his way to sell his produce to a Philadelphia hotel; he conversed with her a while and then excused himself because if he did not get to the hotel first someone else would make the sale.

On occasion my dad and I visited Mildred; she was consistently a delightful conversationalist who served great homemade pie.


Descendants of Giuseppe and Angela

Children of Giuseppe and Angela Di Tomaso
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death
Maria before 1910      


Louis 12-15-1912 Pauline Falzarone 04-12-1938 Two  
Natalina 12-25-1913 Donato DiSilvia   Two  
Mildred 05-03-1916 Anthony Matarese   Two  


Grandchildren of Giuseppe and Angela Di Tomaso

Children of Louis and Pauline Falzarone
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death
Angela   Gus Fanelli      
Elaine   Joseph Ward   Three  


Children of Natalina and Donato De Silvia
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death
Alexander   Rosalie Campanella   Two  
Anita   Robert Bisetti   Three  


Children of Mildred and Anthony Matarese
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death
Dennis 1941        
Domenic 1947 Linda Dowman 09-05-70 None  


Great-Grandchildren of Giuseppe and Angela Di Tomaso

Grandchildren of Louis and Pauline Falzarone

Children of Angela and Gus Fanelli
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death


Children of Elaine and Joseph Ward
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death


Grandchildren of Natalina and Donato Di Silvio

Children of Anita and Robert Bisetti
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death


Children of Alexander and Rosalia Campanella
Child Birth Spouse Marriage Children Death
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